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The Ultimate Collection
By Pop The Penguin

Take it Eezy and browse our collection of freeze pops. We cater for all ages and tastes, so whether you're a little or big pop fan (or somewhere in between), we believe our range will have you reaching for that freezer, grabbing your favourite pop and shouting 'SQUEEZE THE FREEZE !'


2in1 Pops

Squeeze and choose - The pop with options. Do you snap and share ? Snap and save ? or just snap and munch it all in one sitting ? The choice is most definitely yours.

Vimto Pyramid single 250.png

Triangles & Pyramids

The perfect marriage of innovative packaging and ice - A classic tetrahedron delivers the perfect mini glacier 


The Original - This is where it all started -  So, Take it Eezy and get you some Squeezee !

Fruit Shoot Pops 2.png

Double Squeezee

Used to be indecisive but now your not so sure ? Forget choosing, get your two favourite flavours in one mega pop - Squeeze the Freeze !

Swizzels pops.png
Push up.png

Push Up's

We will let the legends Salt-N-Pepa explain this one 'Ah Push it, P-push it real good ! Coolin' by day then at night working up a sweat ? ' Yes we are ! Have a Push up and take it Eezy 


The perfect pops in a pouch !  It delivers you great value but doesn't compromise on taste

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