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  • Amy Watt

Leverage The Beverage

Posted by Carl Richardson on 1st Jan 2021

Award winning supplier of ambient products for home freezing, Rose Marketing (UK) Ltd. is set to build from an incredible summer last year. Not only was the weather hot, so were our sales! We can’t guarantee a scorcher in 2019 but we can guarantee to offer the Freezeables Category some amazing new products centered on world class brands. Our customers will continue to gain “leverage from the beverage” next summer as our: Tango, Sunkist and Vimto branded products show no signs of slowing. We are pleased to announce that our Britvic portfolio of brands has now been extended to include Robinsons No Added Sugar Freeze Pops and a new Sorbet range. Over the last 11 years Rose has also been innovating and building our own Eezzy Freezzy brand to become recognised a trustworthy and reliable brand within the category.

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