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Take it Eezy and browse our collection of freeze pops. We cater for pop fans of all ages and tastes and we are confident our range will have you reaching for that freezer, grabbing your favourite pop and shouting 'SQUEEZE THE FREEZE !'


2in1 Pops

Squeeze and choose - The pop with options. Do you snap and share ? Snap and save ? or just snap and munch it all in one sitting ? The choice is most definitely yours.

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Triangles & Pyramids

The perfect marriage of innovative packaging and ice - A classic tetrahedron delivers the perfect mini glacier 


The Original - This is where it all started -  So, Take it Eezy and get you some Squeezee !

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Double Squeezee

Used to be indecisive but now your not so sure ? Forget choosing, get your two favourite flavours in one mega pop - Squeeze the Freeze !

Push up.png

Push Up's

We will let the legends Salt-N-Pepa explain this one 'Ah Push it, P-push it real good ! Coolin' by day then at night working up a sweat ? ' Yes we are ! Have a Push up and take it Eezy 



The perfect pops for a party!  It delivers you great value but doesn't compromise on taste

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Top Brand Collaborations

We work with the biggest names on the market to bring you the best flavour combinations across all our formats including Squeezee's, 2in1's, Triangles and Pyramids. Our range has pops which can be enjoyed as everyday favourites packed with fruit juices, low sugar and no nasties but we also have some extra special pops and desserts for that special treat ! (Please be treat-wise when enjoying our range)  

Vimto Range


Made with Secret flavour

Swizzels Range


Includes Love Hearts & Refreshers

Tango Range


Tangy and Fruity

Robinsons Range

robinsons logo.png

Real Fruit in every Pop

Fruit Shoot Range

Fruit shoot.png

No Added Sugar & Fruit Juice



Genuine Slush flavours

Chupa Chups Range

chupa chups.png

Fun Flavours

Coming Soon...

Tips & Tricks

We want you to get the best out of your experience therefore we ask a few things from you so you can max out your freeze time - The last one is a game changer ! 


  • SHAKE BEFORE FREEZING - Jump and shake, shimmy and shake, twist and shake - We don't mind how you do it, just do it ! (Please) and make sure the liquid has had a chance to mix up nicely ahead of freezing. (Separation of fruit juices is perfectly normal, it's a good sign, it means there's lots in it !)

  • FREEZE TEMPERATURE - Our pops like to be frozen at a very chilly -18 either in their freezer friendly bag or as singles. If these conditions aren't met the pops may not freeze !

  • REST AT ROOM TEMPERATURE - This ones a hard one as you just want to rip open that pop and get started but our experience tells us that if you can wait just 2 or 3 mins before squeezing that freeze you will get the best flavour delivery and optimum pop texture - No-one likes a tasteless block of ice ! 

Eezy Freezzy Range

About Us

Eezy Freezzy is a much loved Ambient Dessert and Freeze at Home Ice Pop brand. Popular for it's award winning product formats, flavours and big brand collaborations 

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Product Enquiries? Get in Touch

Interested in doing business with Eezy Freezzy? Contact us to see what we can do for you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are unhappy with your product purchase; we will need a little bit of information from you so we can better identify the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible .. we would hate for things to thaw between us ! If you would kindly complete ALL fields in the contact form including - Product name, when & where purchased, BBE & LOT CODE (small code and date printed on the pack) and any other details relating to the issue

Eezy Freezzy

The Candy Castle, Cluny Court, Chapelton Drive, John Smith Busness Park, Kirkcaldy, KY2 6QJ


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